What payment options can I use? 

One month on Soho Social is just GBP £29. You can pay this using credit or debit card. After you sign up, head over to your email inbox/Instagram inbox, where you’ll find your confirmation of payment. In order to process your payments as quickly and securely as possible, we use a payment system called Stripe – a leading company in secure online payments or we also accept PayPal.

I am having trouble making payment. 

Okay, check that your card details have been entered correctly. No luck? It could be your bank being super cautious of a foreign payment system. Have a chat with your bank in regards to their security. Still a no go? Send the Soho Social team an email at and they’ll help you sort it out.

How can I cancel my PAID Subscription?

Sad face. Please contact us at and a member of staff will get back to you as soon as they can.

Your PAID Subscription


What is Stripe, is it safe?

In order to process your payments as quickly and securely as possible, we use a payment system called Stripe – a leading company in secure online payments. To take a look at Stripe’s security guide, click heree

Do you have any available discounts?

We offer a referral scheme for anyone looking to join, email us at to learn more :)

Advanced Targeting

Advanced Targeting


Upon sign up, we will ping you across some questions to send us 8 usernames and/or hashtags of inspirational/competitor accounts. We’ll target the people who are following them as they’ll be interested in you too.


You have the choice to just use hashtags as an option of the way we target your account. We can like and comment on posts including your chosen hashtags that are relevant to your target audience. However, adding hashtags to your own posts is for you to do when you decide to post.

Example: if you are into the fitness industry, we would use tags such as; #fitness, #gymlife, #instafit


Looking for local business or just to get followers from your area? We can target areas from country to city, town and even specific venues such as schools or businesses.


We can target by a specific gender (female, male or both). 






We comment certain phrases on posts, these can be changed and you can pick your own or use some of ours, emoji’s can be included!


We follow and unfollow organic accounts (real accounts) in a few days within your target audience of usernames you have given us upon subscription sign up. This is a more aggressive tool and some of our clients just use likes and some just use likes and comments. It depends on what works for you but greatly increases your following over a month with this tool.


Important: before you start!

Please make sure you sign up for the correct Instagram username & password so we can contact you right away. To check this, sign out and sign back in again using Instagram’s official website on your laptop/computer to assure you know you are using the correct username & password. While we’re here around the clock to provide general advice in case you do not quite understand how to do this, you should remember if you go to change your Instagram username or password to always reconnect on our website using the link below so you are not disconnected from our services or we cannot run our services on your account which is under your responsibility.

What is Soho Social and is it for me?

Read me first!

Three steps to ensure you get the most out of your Soho Social subscription.

  1. You’ve done the hardest part (you’ve signed up) and now it’s time to head straight to your email you signed up with us on or there will be an Instagram DM waiting for you so we can get you set up with the premium features to target your account the way you would prefer as soon as possible. Please note, we take up to 24 hours to process payments and will be with you as soon as we can.

  2. This is YOUR subscription; where we help to boost your growth on Instagram. We want you to make sure you are getting maximum results. Remember the interaction comes from mainly you! Are you replying back to ALL Instagram users who interact with you? This means replying to private messages, anyone who chooses to follow you, for any comments left on your posts and for extra engagement do this for anyone who likes your posts and you will see a massive difference to the traffic that comes to your IG! OR extra homework, there are a bunch of free articles online on how to improve this for your account.

  3. Have fun and love life! Be yourself, be kind and great things will happen. 

I’ve paid for Soho Social - now what?

Woohoo! A member of staff will be in touch to get you set up with the premium features to target your account the way you would prefer as soon as possible. If you do not hear from us within 24 hours of making the payment, then please contact Elsa on and she will get back to you as soon as she can.

Will I still have access to Soho after the subscription ends?

Each subscription runs for 1 full month, and your payment gives you access to those days only.

Will I keep being charged month to month?

Soho Social is all based on subscription: so you sign up once and we will help get on with growing your brand/IG account! Your payments will come out on the date you made your first payment, and you can cancel at any time by emailing Elsa before your next payment is due at